Promote Your Local Business Through Local SEO Services

Some months ago, I have been struggling to get my business in Denver, Colorado on the current pages of Google Places, Bing and yahoo Local. Finally, I discovered the best solution to all my hardship in the name of local SEO. I came across a professional SEO company offering local SEO services. After consulting him about my business and the problem of my visibility, the team gave me an SEO package which included varieties of strategies purposely designed to enable my website search engine page ranking and also generate more traffic and sales. Here is how the strategies worked in order to promote my business:

Local Listing Websites

Local SEO will make use of the local listing website such as Yahoo, Bing, yellow Pages, Google, etc that concentrated on the local targeted terms in order to get your local search results optimizing. With the enhancement of my online visibility, I discovered that more local customers have began to visit my website which is perfectly working for my product promotion. My Local SEO service provider was more careful to select the only local listing websites that is endorsed by Google for the promotion of the small business.


Local SEO services include the building of inbound links to the website of a business. If you want to keep with the latest Penguin update in Google, my SEO service provider was very careful in building backlinks to my site from trustworthy websites that their content is relevant to my business. I discovered that the relevancy was very important dues to the fact that the search engines was able to detect the keywords base on the backlinks. Also the speed at which the backlinks are set up is very essential. The backlinks was built slowly and systematically by the SEO team.

Promotion of Social Media

Effective social media optimization strategies was used by my service provider to draw the attention of my audience to my website and help to build my business profile on the popular social networking websites such as Twitter, Google+, facebook and many others. They created posts in them as this enable the drawing of the local customers to my website posts were spread through ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ buttons. As the search engines most especially Google display search results from the social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more, the profiles will help to drive more traffic to my website. My business is also promoted by my SEO team as they created videos and pictures of my business and share them through Pinterest and YouTube.