Local SEO or Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is always in the thought of many people nowadays. The reason is that it is the newest online marketing buzz word. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others are just some of the various channels you can use to market your services and products but the question is, do they really work? Are they the right strategies that suit your company or business?

Now, how many of your customers are using social media websites for anything other than just chatting with friends? SEO enhances people to look online for your business. If you did it properly, surely you will be visible but otherwise, you will not be found. You could even be frustrated and try another avenue. Local SEO is the one in charge of making your business visible to the local people that are looking for your services and products and not the name of your business because they might not know whether you are in existence. For instance, Bob Bolt and Sons sells beds but you are in search of nuts and bolts and you discover his website. Do you think that search is suitable for you? I do not think so.

Majority of the businesses are being instructed to make use of these social websites but the question is, are they the best thing for you and your business? They could be part of your marketing later in future but you have you ever done as much as you can in order to capture potential customers that are not on the social websites? Will you now end up in spending time on social working with these customers instead of building your business?

For example, have you got your business ranked on the Google first page? Are you maintaining it without paying a dime for directory services? Also, have you got your website optimized now? Have you ever generated traffic to your website and also is your website doing exactly what you need to do? The reason is that if your website is not performing base on your expectation, then, it could be in danger of jumping from frying pan to fire by just climbing on the band wagon of social media marketing.