Google Maps Optimize your Local Business Website

In case you did not have your free Google local business listing till now, what are you waiting for? It is a free advert and known as the easy way to get you ranked on the Google first page. The more information you offer, the more impressions you may likely get that could hence facilitate more business. Here are few essential tips for your success:

Assuming we all have a company name but if you have more than a location, ensure that you differentiate them distinctly. For instance, “Austin Local SEO Company” and “Local SEO Company San Antonio”. It is ideal to put the town in the title and nothing more as this may be view as trying to manipulating your ranking. As regard the description section, it is your opportunity to total up the company into 200 characters including spaces. This is time consuming for this section to load with the right keywords for your company.

The section of the category is the most crucial factor and it is very important for you to be very careful in your selection. You can add up to 5 at most. Even though if you put yourself into consideration that you only have a category, you need to have second thought that the more category, the better. This particular link is very good for the full Google list of categories and synonyms. Also it is an informative reference for more detail section. In case you have a UK listing, then you may discover that you are not able to see suitable category. If you add a personal one, it could be advantageous because you could be the one that will be ranked for such term.

You then have the choice to state your opening hours as well as payment methods.

Ensure you upload the images that are relevant to your company and this could be in addition to your premises pictures, logo of the company and the membership logos. The video section also is very important because it will allow you to upload any videos which your company could display on youtube. Additional detail section will give you the chance to add more information concerning the company. As soon as all these are put in place, then your listing is almost completed. Make sure you put additional information and get your listing updated with any further changes in your info.