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How do we do it? We Analyze Your Top Ranked Competitors and outdo them in the 3 most important areas of SEO.  Hence our name

SEO 3 Consulting 

Austin SEOMore Content makes you the Authority.

If you have more content on your site than your top ranking competitor, Google sees you as the Authority in your industry, thus ranking you higher.

Having More Citations gains the most trust.

  • Citations: Your Business Name, Address, And Phone # – listed anywhere on the internet. Ex. – Yelp, Yellowbook, Merchant Circle. When you have more Citations than your top ranked competitor, you’ll have more trust with Google, thus you are ranked higher.

Controlled Back Links

A Back link is like a vote or referal from another website. All links from other sites are not equal. A site with low power, linking to yours,  passeds only a few votes, and unless you have hundreds of them, won’t help your rank. Sites with high power pass lots of votes. Just one link, from a high powered site can equal thousands of links from low powered sites. We control a network of HIGH POWERED SITES. In order to rank you high in Google, we point links from these, to your site. If your site has more votes, more power, you get ranked higher. This is why we call it CONTROL!

Visibility is Everything! Our Formula Is…

Reason to Remember Your Name



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We make SEO easy! Whether you need National or Local Search Engine Optimization, our team will over deliver. Need a Google Map Expert? We can get you into the coveted 3 spots (snack pack). We only work with a handful of clients at a time, in order to give 100% focus on each project.

Austin SEO

SEO services in Austin is a bit more challenging due to its higher population. Unlike the neighboring city of New Braunfels. More businesses, means more competition online. But, There can only be one “Authority!” We are masters at making your business the Authority in your industry in the eyes of Google. Once we find out that area of your business is the most profitable, we will target those keywords. We will find out which company has the highest ranking, for your keyword. They are the current “Authority” with Big G. In minutes we know exactly what to do to outrank them. We create a game plan and get to work. If you are not already on the Austin Google Map for your business, we can do that too! Nothing beats another stream of income and another listing for your business on Google’s home page.

San Antonio SEO

Are you looking for a San Antonio SEO Company? Chances are, you just Googled it or maybe something like Local SEO Service in San Antonio.” How far down the page did you look for results? The fact is, that if a business doesn’t appear within the top 3 search results, its chances of  the searcher doing business with them is slim. The internet has become smart, and so have its users. It now takes a matter of seconds for a person to search for a product or service on Google AND find what they are looking for AND making a decision on what company to do business with. People just don’t have the time to spend on looking at every result. If you want your business to appear in the top 3 search results, we can put you there, right in front of your prospects.

Some of our Clients

Here are a few companies who are now Glued to the #1 Spot on Google.

In their individual markets, or niches, these clients of ours now Dominate the Google Rankings. Most of their Revenues have doubled since joining us.

Being at the top is an entirely different world. Join us, won't you.