Why Content is King

content-is-king-for-seoThe demand for content has ushered within an entirely new sector of online publishers dedicated to purchasing and selling content online. Among the leaders in this new field is Connected

If we overlook porn and socializing (which are, arguably, of little worth to most company owners online), Internet use can be broken down into three fundamental groups: Searching, Shopping, and Content Seeing. Content Screening commands more hours of Internet use than Searching and Shopping put together!

What’s most interesting is that these three uses are frequently synergistic when it comes down to the bottom line: making money on the web.

If an Internet user is in buying mode, he/she is most likely to start the shopping experience by searching for the merchandise or service of interest to them. Many variables come into play when search engines determine which web site to exhibit the shopper for a specific search. These variables are what Search Engine Optimization Specialists control so that you can attain a competitive advantage. For more information about Search Engine Optimization see:

Content Screening

As said above, many variables are at work every time you see a site recorded on the first page for a particular search term. Yet, as search engines have grown to be more complex at selecting the proper web site for your search, they have been increasingly relying on the information of that page in contrast to other factors like the number of links your site has. So the prospective customer starts out looking for an item or service, and ends up not always on the site with the best or most economical merchandise or services, but on the site with the best content. Chew on that idea for an instant, and it is going to eventually dawn on you just how significant content is, even to some pure retail website.