San Antonio SEO Marketing

Keywords play an important role in San Antonio SEO marketing strategies. This has led to web pages being filled with content that is rich in keywords. It is true that search engines like Google use these keywords to decide the weight of a webpage. Despite the fact that keywords play a vital role in search engine optimization process, the algorithms analyzing the relevance of a webpage keep changing. Now, the system behind search engines is much more complicated and intelligent. They are now capable of differentiating between a webpage featuring rich content and content of a webpage enriched with keywords.

Listed below are factors that are now considered to be more important than keywords:

  1. The content should be composed for human understanding: There have been several fundamental changes in the on-site analysis technique implemented by search engines. Previously, the main focus of web crawlers was on keywords, however, now it has changed to comprehending the content by interpreting long phrases. As a business owner your main focus should be the development of your brand and business, rather than generating content which is rich in keywords. You can now rely on the finest San Antonio SEO service, SEO3, for generation of rich content for your website.   
  1. Give your web pages a well defined structure and enhance the navigation of your website: Websites with smooth coding and a definite and clear structured content are a part of the website structure which web crawlers enjoy. Web crawlers analyze the entire website to provide ranks to all websites. Navigation system of a website also plays an important role in obtaining a higher rank. Websites with proper structure, easy navigation, well-indexed sitemap and pages like About Us, Contact and Services receive a higher rank over pages with weak internal links and poor structure.  
  1. Reduce website loading time and enhance security: It has now become a necessity for every website to be secure and be able to load fast, as search engines are now analyzing even these aspects to offer easy access to users on various devices. Removing unnecessary backend clutter, reducing the size of images, keep the caching system clean increase the speed at which a website loads.   

You can now rely on the services offered by SEO3 of San Antonio, Texas to experience a website which loads fairly faster and offers security with SSL encryption.   

Other important factors are optimizing the website for faster access through mobile phones, tablets and all other such devices along with updating its content regularly.