San Antonio Local SEO

San Antonio Local SEO can be daunting, as you have to deal with the regular stuff and also with a completely different set of SEO activities. The basic operations involving local SEO is often handled by the business owners themselves, however exploring its deep ends can be tricky. Listed below are the issues you need to deal with if you want to be known as a well established business in and around San Antonio, Texas.

  1. Accurate and consistent listings – The most important aspect in local SEO development are the three basic details, Name, Address and Phone Number. Small businesses often want to be found on local business apps and directories, however, most of them do not update their listings online. While some have inaccuracy with details, the other claim to have no time at all. You should ensure that the same details should be provided wherever you are listed. Inaccuracies can damage your SEO as well as growth of your business. It is quite challenging for small and local businesses to make it to local listings, which is why it is important that they maintain accuracy and consistency.


  1. Other details contained in directory listings: Getting listed in the local directory is not difficult; however, filling out these directories is fairly complicated. If a local business wants to get a rank it needs to be able to create a local listing, even though it is tiring and consumes a lot of time. The directories should be filled completely or with as much information as one can provide. This is one of the features that are often disregarded while concentrating on local SEO.

  1. Creating social media accounts: Small or local businesses usually do not require a website to earn profits or expand and grow. They can function completely fine without these websites. As long as they have social media profiles and have been listed, they can easily manage without a website. When one searches for these small businesses on Google, their basic questions like budget-friendly, distance, timings, all are answered. Thus, they need not approach the website. One can find reviews of these small businesses through several other social media sites, therefore concluding that all the information required about these businesses is already available online and the website and San Antonio SEO service is not very important.  

4. Beg for reviews: Reviews are the most important thing local businesses require and it is a part of SEO techniques. You can just ask a customer to provide feedback or post a review; however, you cannot hold them to it since, they might not do it. You cannot force your customers to post positive reviews online. However, you can take some steps to nudge them in the direction they are required to step in. Set up a kiosk outside your business, and ask a special team to ask all customers to provide their feedback be it positive or negative. You can just leave up a sign asking to post reviews if they have been genuinely pleased with the services. You can also set up a QR code that takes them to a social media website of your choice, where they can supply the review after scanning the code.