New Braunfels Limo

Project Description

New Braunfels Limo ( We built this site to generate leads for a Limo Company. Its built on Weebly, and generates tons of leads each week for our client. Customers easily find the site due to its top google ranking. When Customers fill out the web form for limo quotes, the data is sent automatically to our Limo client. When customers call the phone number on the site, they are automatically forwarded to the client, a whisper is played before the call is connected. “This is a call from New Braunfels Limo” The calls are tracked and recorded, and call recordings are emailed to the company. The client only pays for leads that become a paid limo booking.

What we did
  • Built a professional Weebly Website
  • Performed SEO in order to rank at the top of maps and organic.
  • Set up a seamless tracking system for calls and emailing of leads
The Result:
  • Site ranks in the top 2 for Google Maps and Organically
  • Over 100 Phone leads are generated each month
  • 50-75 Web form leads are generated each month