Lead Launch

Project Description

Lead Launch ( ¬†They came to us with their technology, which has the capability to convert a website form submitted lead, into a phone call, in less than 30 seconds. They were at Ground Zero online, and wanted an internet presence equally as impressive as their software. They needed A Brand Created from Scratch, including a catchy business name, URL, logos, full website, Social Media presence, a You Tube Channel with Branded Videos, and Full Scale SEO which would give them an internet presence that would compete on a national level for “Form to Call Software” and “Form to Phone Software” in the Lead Management field.

What we did
  • The Lead Launch name was Born, Designed, and Branded
  • We Created a Custom WordPress Website, complete with social profiles
  • We Designed a Demo Page, and a Full Blog with industry related posts, dating back for months
  • Created an Incredible You Tube Channel with Branded Videos to market the software
  • Ran a National Scale SEO Campaign
The Results
  • They now have THE WORKS!
  • They love the Site, the Branding, and the Videos
  • They now have the means to seamlessly demo, sell, and distribute their software to clients.
  • Ranking – They’re website and Video are in Position #1 and #2 for both search phrases