Conways Dance Hall

Project Description

Conways Dance Hall ( The owners of Conways reached out to us because they wanted Page 1 Ranking. Their location is not on a thoroughfare or a heavily traveled city street, so they really needed to take advantage of the power of the internet (more importantly, Google) to bring in more customers.  According to a 2016 study, New Braunfels is the 2nd fastest growing city in the country.  They wanted smart phone searchers to be able to find them easily. They already had a fantastic website. But everyone knows that having a great website is only half the battle. You need people to see it.  After further discussions, we came up with some very competitive keywords that would certainly bring in customers in droves.  New Braunfels Bars, New Braunfels Best Bar, New Braunfels Nightlife, New Braunfels Dance Hall, New Braunfels Night Activities. New Braunfels has an abundance of bars, so we had our work cut out for us.


What we did


  • Keyword Research… What were the most competitive and which received the most searches.
  • Wrote a professional article about the business, highlighting its best features.
  • Ran a Press Release, distributing the article to hundreds of news, tv, radio, and media websites.
  • Each media site linked back to Conways website.
  • Ran a Local SEO Campaign to rank for the desired keywords
  • Ran a Google Maps boost campaign to increase Google Maps Ranking


The Result:


  • Incredible media coverage brought not only eyes to the website, but more importantly, Trust and Authority with Google
  • After 1 Month, all Keywords were ranked on Page 1
  • Most of the searches have top google map ranking, driving tons of customers to the business
  • We continue our backlink strategy, soon all keywords will be in the number 1 position