Project Description

Comal Crawfish Company ( This one was a bit different… We saw the business preparing for opening, and couldn’t wait.  The first Cajun restaurant in town. Being a web guy, I searched and realized that the business hadnt even purchased the domain name matching the company name. So I did, then built them a website. When it was done, I sent them a message thru facebook. ” Hey, I built you a website, check it out. If you like it great, you can have it. Just cover the $10 a month for hosting. If you need any changes, no problem, no cost. I added, If you’d like some help with ranking, say for a competitive search like “New Braunfels Seafood Restaurants” let us know, we can help.” After all, His Facebook page was already at the top for “New Braunfels Cajun Restaurants” There were no others in town. But they serve some incredible Crab legs and shrimp, so we wanted to tackle the “Seafood” category.  He called for a meeting, and agreed to an SEO plan. We went to work.

What we did
  • Built a Responsive WordPress Site
  • Made a few custom changes desired by the business owner.
  • Linked the website to their Google Maps page
  • Ran a Google Maps boost campaign to increase Google Maps Ranking
  • Started a Local SEO Campaign for “New Braunfels Seafood Restaurants”


The Result:
  • Client Loves the Site
  • Page one ranking for Seafood!!!
  • And Climbing!
  • Restaurant is moving to a fantastic new location, and somehow, the craw-fish tastes better! lol