Obtaining High Ranks in Google Local Search

Local businesses can obtain high Google ranks just by registering, listing or claiming that their business exists by creating profiles on Google+ Local and Google Places For Business.  However, all local businesses can be found in this manner, for example, you are a pet store owner in San Antonio, Texas. What should you do to stand out among other pet stores? Listed below are several factors which help you obtain a place on the first few pages of results, according to your main keyword.  

Google Places         

You should create a Google Places account if you want your customers to know accurate details about your location and business. If your new venture is a start-up, which needs exposure on search engines Google Places is the ideal place to start. Latest and accurate details should be provided for physical address, business hours along with photos. Your name, address and phone number should be accurate and exactly the same on Google accounts as well as your website and Places page. The category of your business must be chosen with care as it affects your overall ranking with Google. The keywords included in the title should be based on keywords from location and product/service.

Google+ Local Business

Google Places and Google+ Local Business have merged, which enables reviews and ratings to be visible to both Google+ Local and Google Places. If a customer posts a review on the Google + Local Business page, it automatically connects with Google Places and affects website ranking. Google+ Local offers this information to Google maps. According to Google maps expert in Austin, Texas, the popularity of your business increases if it can be found on Google maps.

Listed below are some factors which assist you in obtaining high ranks:

  •         More number of genuine reviews.
  •         Number of +1’s on Google.
  •         High ratings of Google+
  •         Page verified by owner
  •         The page title and description for a Google+ page must be based on the services or products. It should also include a keyword based on the location.
  •         In the category section of Google+ page the keyword used should represent a broad category.      
  •         Use the local area code
  •         The duration for which your brand has had a Google + Local account.
  •         Include all details in your profile, just like you would do for your Local SEO as advised by San Antonio local SEO services.  
  •         Videos of high quality should be linked to your Google+ Local page.  
  •         The speed at which your circle, be it for family, friends or acquaintances increases.
  •         All custom attributes of Google+ local page should have the keyword based on the location.   
  •         Positive reviews from popular and credible reviewers about your forte.
  •         More shares for Google+ posts.  

Google Maps

Google Maps has been updated according to which Google+ pages are again back into focus. You can now view reviews of a certain local business based on two opinions. One belongs to top reviewers and the other to individuals who are in your circles. The optimization of the Google + page helps in viewing business with high SERPs as they are more prominently marked on the map.