How to Ranking high in Google

Ranking high in Google for appropriate key words is the secret to earning money online. If you don’t pay for your traffic through ads, your online business will likely not survive without natural search engine traffic. So how can you get ranked highly in Google for your chosen key words?

Let us face it. Becoming rated highly in Google for competitive keywords is virtually impossible – particularly in case you are taking care of a limited budget. It’s simply too hard to compete with firms that can spend thousands of dollars on online marketing. So actually the initial step in ranking full of Google will be to find key words that have little rivalry. Once you locate these key words, you’re able to create an easy web site and some backlinks to that web site.

How would we define keywords with little competition? You will find a variety of guidelines, but the process that I use is this: a key word phrase should have exact matches for that key word in fewer than 10,000 sites. What this means is that at the most you’ll be competing with 10,000 sites for that key word. Needless to say, you have to ensure that those top ranking sites aren’t really created. I like to see sites with a page ranking of less than 3 and fewer than 1,000 backlinks.

Again this really is not a hard and fast rule but only a guideline to allow you to get started.

Additionally, a keyword research tool can assist you significantly in locating these key words. This kind of program will help you save lots of manual effort by doing the searches for you and showing you the results on one simple page. Then you certainly can scan the page in order to find the key words you want to make an effort to reign in Google.