Google Maps: Marketing Tool to Your Business

Google maps is one of the free services offered by Google to help you locate a particular place to type your address in the search bar. The outcome of the search could be in form of a satellite image, a map or the combination of the two. The search bar will give you search options which are categorized as real estate, user created maps, businesses and locations. As regard businesses, it is possible for you to choose so as to give general search for a particular type of service or product which you are looking for or to type particular search together with the company name and so on. However, the search results are instantly displayed at the left corner of the page. These are the ad listings which are already listed in the Google AdWords which is just a pay per click advertising tool that lets the local businesses focus their ads on particular geo-location searches.

Meanwhile, the Google map listings are so organic in the sense that one cannot pay before getting there. Most of the users want to be part of the natural or organic listing of Google instead of those paid ones. Among the searches based on the region, the local map listings garner the highest click number. Thereby, the local map listing optimization now becomes the main factor in the local online marketing. Some companies claim to stick to the Google’s Quality Guidelines for map listings.

Unless you employ a company with high skill and experience in map listing optimization, you result in serious ranking penalty. However, in order to feature in the local map listings, one needs to register his business to Google’s Local Business Center. After that, Google will send an activation code and necessary procedures. As soon as you are done, be expecting your business to be listed in Google map within six weeks. This is followed by registering for Google AdWords account and set up an ad campaign targeting the local users. It is after you are done that you will be able to establish a Local Business Ad. This will assists your business to be displayed on the column to your left and in the map as well. Indeed, it is a great platform by which you can market your business through Google mapping service and also widen the result of your customer base.