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The SECRET Google Ranking Recipe!!!


So you want to outrank your competitor In the search results, do you? First off, don’t even worry about ranking in Yahoo or Bing. Once you get Big Bad Brother “G” to notice you, they will follow. Actually, you’ll usually end up on page one of Yahoo and Bing by the time your site climbs to page 3 of Google. Follow the recipe, and you’ll get Position 1 ranking in all 3 major search engines.

Rules of the Game

Well since Google designed the game, you need to play by their rules. What are the rules? Just like any strategic game, there are things you should do and things you shouldn’ t. Here are some pointers to get you going.

Google ain’t dumb.

1. Don’t just Slap up any ole content just to get some words on a page.

2. Don’t Play Tricks. Long gone are the days when stuffing your keyword all over a page would get your site noticed.

3. Don’t take shortcuts. Having backlinks from websites like link farms, or low authority sites will actually hurt your rankings nowadays. Yea, it’s cheap. You can get hundreds of links to your site for a few bucks. But the damage is hard to reverse.

Google wants the user to benefit. It’s not normal for the things mentioned above to happen naturally, without the website owner trying to game the system or spam their own site in hopes of getting more views and better ranking.

Secret Sauce, this is it.

There are 3 things that Google uses to determine the order of a local search result.
1. Authoritative Content
2. Citations
3. Votes from other sites

These are the 3 things we do for our clients, day in, day out. Why, because its at the very core of what Google looks at to determine where your site will rank. Sure there are other things they look at, but they are of so little significance, that you can actually not do them at all, and Google will still show your site love, in the form of higher search results.

Master this, and you will outrank all your competition. Even if you do most of it, you will soar beyond the majority of your competitors. Why, because most people today just throw up a website, have very little content, don’t do citations, and get links which point from shady sources, or skip that all together.  Plus business owners just don’t have time to figure out how to do it right. So they just hire the first guy that calls them up and says “Hey, I can get you on the first page of Google” And what does that guy do? All of the Don’t section above…

This is why local seo is so fun.  So here we go, strap on your seat belt and take notes, or just print this page, lol. We’ll discuss each of the 3 major areas, 1 by 1.

Content – Imagine Wikipedia. You can Google most any subject, and you’ll notice that there is a wiki page about it. What do you think will come up in the #1 position for the search “Michael Jordan?” Not, its actually the Wiki page about him.  This is because Wikipedia is THE authority when it comes to content about MJ.  They have more content on the subject then probably all other websites and each of their pages is interlinked to one another. (Blue words underlined)

So it’s simple, if you have more content than your competitor you will out rank them in this regard. It’s also a great idea to link your pages to each other. It keeps the link juice flowing thru your site. Have a look at your competition, and see how much content they have on each page. If they have 300 words on ea page, do more!  It doesn’t have to be put together by a literary genius either.  Just open your note pad on your iPhone, push the microphone, and start talking about your business. Your speech is instantly converted to text, and viola! Content, Wonderful Content! Be sure to fix all the punctuation and other junk that Siri got wrong, and boom! You got content. If nothing else, you can have authority content written for you. There are resources online like, and others where writers will research and write as much as you want to pay them to write.

How many pages of content do you need? That depends on your competition. How many pages do they have? Here’s how to find out. Google it!  type this into Google  (replace with their website) you will see at the top of the search, how many results there are. This is how many pages of content they have. So, you need more than that. I suggest at least 20% more.

Citations – A Citation is nothing more than your Business Name, Address, Phone Number ( NAP ) listed on other websites. Also called directory listings, these sites are those like Merchant Circle, Yellow Book, World Pages,Yelp, Yahoo Local and so on. These are easy to submit, but can be monotonous. Sometimes you will need 100 – 200 citations or more to outnumber the citations of your competition. You can use a service called Whitespark to perform detailed citation checks either on a keyword or a business. You can also use this FREE Citation Checker tool. will let you run a report to see how many citations a local business has.  So check your competition. Then, you guessed it… DO MORE!  If you can, Double it! The more you have, the more trust you gain with Google. Think about it, with each place your business is cited, it tells Google, hey, this is a legitimate business.

This is Important! Be sure that your citations are consistent! Exactly spell your name, address, and phone number on each citation you create. If there is some disharmony, and some have a different spelling, (First St, 1st St., First Street, 1st ST) its just like saying to Google, this business really doesn’t know whats what, and trust is lost. You dont want to lose trust with Big “G”.  If you dont want to do your own Citations, Whitespark will do them for you for about $3 ea. There are other companies who will do it for more.  We can do them for $1 ea. (min order of 100, max of 350) There are only 350 or so Citation sources to date.

Votes from other sites – Backlinks are just that, votes from other websites. Not all votes are the same. Some have more power than others.  Imagine this… I buy a new domain and build a brand new website on it, and place a link from it to your website. Because my site is new, there won’t be much juice behind the link. You won’t get much benefit. Now what if you had a link from the home page of You Tube!  You’d have so much juice from that one link, it would be the like having literally millions of links from new websites. Your website could rank for anything with that one powerful vote! So the ideal thing is to get votes, or back links from a variety of sites. It wouldn’t be natural for your website to have only high-powered links because in a normal circumstance that just wouldn’t happen. Google would certainly see that as trying to game the system. It would look natural to have links from some non-powerful sites and some relatively powerful sites. Keep in mind too so that links from powerful sites are hard to come by. So, most SEO companies spend hours linking from blog posts, or directories, or forums or ??? The list goes on and on. That’s all ok, but remember, these links are weak, they don’t have much Power (link juice) or Authority, or Trust.  In addition, they are owned by others, so your links can be removed, or turned into a “no-follow” (which keeps the link to your site, but does not pass any power or trust from the site to yours. Which doesnt help at all.)

This is where the Experts come in. We control a network of Powerful and Authoritative sites which Google already has a massive amount of trust in. We’ve built the sites from scratch. We OWN them, and we continue to add sites to our network. We call it our “Control Network.” Why? These websites are so Powerful, (like the You Tube example above, but not that strong)  that just one link from a Control Site is like getting hundreds of blog post or forum links at once. This is the method that we use to get our clients #1 Google Ranking. We don’t just aim for page one ranking. That’s easy, and usually happens within 2-3 months. For most clients, we have them in the #1 spot in about 6 months.

If you’d like us to perform an analysis of your website, as well as the competitor in the #1 spot, and implement these methods for you, please contact us. We do not work with everyone, and we will only work for one local business going after the same keyword.  For those whom we are privileged to help, we get results. As for our fees, it depends on the niche you’re in, and how much the competition has done in terms of SEO. But, remember this… We never want you to continue to spend money that we have not already brought you in the form of new business. So once we get started, you’ll be paying us with a portion of the revenue that we add to your bottom line. We never lock you in a contract. If we cant do what we promise, within the time frame that we commit to, we work for free until its done.

We’ve never found a local business which’ we couldn’t bump off the top spot. We’ll make your site claw its way to the top. Your competition wont see you coming. Lets Go!