Five Steps To Evaluate The Success of Your Local SEO Campaign

Have you experience any success in your local SEO campaigns? If your answer is ‘No’, then it is advisable to carry out quarterly review on your business to find out if you will need to continue to work with your current digital technique or to adjust it against the next quarter. The question now is, what are the factors that you will be searching for in the quarterly review of your business? You need to make comparison of the goals which you have set previously and as well as the total performance of your local SEO program. You can carry out this by writing all the data in an excel sheet and compare the data with the previous years and quarters.

Here are the essential five steps to evaluate your local SEO campaign’s success:

         Total Traffic Review

Take data for the total traffic of your site which you got for a particular time frame and compare to the same time frame of previous year. This is very ideal to track the change in yearly or quarterly percentage in the total traffic to evaluate the performance.

         Conversion and Profit Review

If your own is e-commerce site, then the best method to evaluate the performance is through tracking of the order and revenue every year. Then you can determine the conversion rate and compare with the past years so far.

         Mobile Traffic Review

It is possible to track mobile traffic with the aid of Google Analytics to show the percentage of the mobile, tablet and the desktop traffic. It is very crucial to track the amount of traffic you get from your mobile.

         New Versus Existing Visitors

This is another parameter that must be evaluated to show the number of the customers or visitors who are loyal to you. Remember that the more loyal your customers to you, then the more flourish your business will be.

         Referral Traffic

Evaluating the referral traffic is very vital to check the performance of your local SEO campaign. By evaluating the current data compared to the previous years or quarters and check how positive the results are. If it is not encouraging, then you can change your program towards optimizing your website for local sites such as Google maps.

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