Austin SEO Service

In order to increase your local SEO rank it is better to start working rather than sitting back and complaining or trying to fool Google. Fooling Google is not easy, thus try improving your website.

Look for all local competitors’ sites. What is it that your website lacks and theirs has? How can you change and make yourself better? Your potential customer will definitely check out all the available options to choose the best. Make your website the best for your business in Austin, Texas and also in your industry.

Listed below are some common pitfalls which need to be avoided so that you can increase traffic to your website, for your business to grow:

  • Home page content – Search engines and all your customers access your site mostly through your homepage. This page should not be left blank or just have a banner or two as this is the main page which offers detailed information about your business.
  • Content of every page – While searching for information, customers and search engines expect every page to contain more than a few simple lines describing the product. This needs to be rectified as it is necessary that customers obtain any required information immediately. Thus, every page should be packed with information of the products or services being offered.
  • Spamming keywords – There are numerous websites which do rely on this system. This is an outdated technique and it is not useful to your business in anyway. If you are a firm located in Austin, why would you want to add names of all cities of Texas? This does not generate traffic, does not earn any profit for your business and does not increase your rank. This is the advice every reliable Austin SEO service will provide you, since generating traffic and business through the right means is important for the growth of the industry.
  •  Poor title tags: Title tags should not be bombarded with keywords. The title should be a summary of the contents of the page, thus do not just add all keywords you are trying to gain rank with. Use the primary keyword first, followed by the rest of the title and ending with the name of the business.  Having a title too long does not help as it gets truncated and is not visible on the screen.

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Local optimization

Local optimization still plays an important role in Google page ranking algorithms, even though very few websites focus on this technique to be optimized for local SEO. If your business is located in Austin and you require Austin local SEO services, contact us or visit our website

One of the best tips to boost local optimization is including the name of your city in the title tag, sub-heads, and also in your content. Include the name wherever required and not just randomly so that it does not seem that the content is filled with it.