Austin SEO Guidelines

In order to accomplish success through their websites, businesses need to follow Austin SEO guidelines. If you have recently started your website, and know nothing about SEO, there are several things you need to learn, to successfully manage your business online. If you do not want to take up this responsibility, you can hire a company like SEO3, a leading web design and development company located in Austin, Texas that also offers SEO services. Listed below are some tips for beginners which you can use to improve your business through the website:

  • Focus on a single purpose: During the initial stages, your website needs to be based on a single and concise concept. Choose the most important service or product of your website and make it your main focus while searching for main keywords.
  • Mention keywords at crucial places: The most important product or service of your business should be mentioned along with the title of the website, and also in descriptions, domain names, descriptions, page content, and blog category and page titles.
  • Link to internal pages: Linking the web pages internally is mostly done through the CMS one uses for their website. However, if your CMS does not perform this function you need to do this by yourself. Ensure all the links connect well and all important pages are linked to the home page.     


  • Permalink is used to feature keywords: Some websites use permalink that uses numbers for links of WebPages. It is best to avoid this as does not have much advantage. Opting for a URL framework which has textual content, helps you in placing phrases and keywords in the URLs.
  • Remove any part which slows down the website: It is quite necessary that the webpage loads quickly so that a potential customer does not lose interest and move onto a competitor’s website. Do not add music players, and big pictures along with any plug-ins which are not required.
  • Use phrases and captions along with photos: The title of the image, its description all should focus on the keyword even if the image does not get displayed. The name of the file containing the image should also be appropriate.  
  • Link to websites with relevant content: You can add these links in the form of a resources page or list, or a blog roll. Do not over-do this action as it also tends to take viewers to other pages, thus losing interest in your website at times. If done in the right manner, this could offer you a lot of advantage as Google has proof that you are offering reliable information, thus increasing your page rank. This is one of the latest guidelines implemented by Austin SEO service for increasing traffic to one’s website.   


  • Update regularly: Website with static content are unable to obtain higher ranks as the content does not change, drawing more and more visitors towards it. This is the reason for popularity and high rank of directories and blogs, as they are regularly updated with unique and fresh content.