Google Maps: Marketing Tool to Your Business

Google maps is one of the free services offered by Google to help you locate a particular place to type your address in the search bar. The outcome of the search could be in form of a satellite image, a map or the combination of the two. The search bar will give you search options which are categorized as real estate, user created maps, businesses and locations. As regard businesses, it is possible for you to choose so as to give general search for a particular type of service or product which you are looking for or to type particular search together with the company name and so on. However, the search results are instantly displayed at the left corner of the page. These are the ad listings which are already listed in the Google AdWords which is just a pay per click advertising tool that lets the local businesses focus their ads on particular geo-location searches.

Meanwhile, the Google map listings are so organic in the sense that one cannot pay before getting there. Most of the users want to be part of the natural or organic listing of Google instead of those paid ones. Among the searches based on the region, the local map listings garner the highest click number. Thereby, the local map listing optimization now becomes the main factor in the local online marketing. Some companies claim to stick to the Google’s Quality Guidelines for map listings.

Unless you employ a company with high skill and experience in map listing optimization, you result in serious ranking penalty. However, in order to feature in the local map listings, one needs to register his business to Google’s Local Business Center. After that, Google will send an activation code and necessary procedures. As soon as you are done, be expecting your business to be listed in Google map within six weeks. This is followed by registering for Google AdWords account and set up an ad campaign targeting the local users. It is after you are done that you will be able to establish a Local Business Ad. This will assists your business to be displayed on the column to your left and in the map as well. Indeed, it is a great platform by which you can market your business through Google mapping service and also widen the result of your customer base.


How to Use Local SEO to Boost Your Business Locally

If you are having a company in brick and mortar with the services or products of local nature, then local SEO is very important for marketing technique. However, if your customers are from local place, then local SEO is highly preferable. The reason is that it is full of techniques used by the website owners to compete for the local searches of highest rankings in their business area for particular keywords that are related to their products and services.

With local SEO, the tables of any business can be turned hence, if you are in search of how to build a massive customer base, then it is very important to look for reputable local SEO company that can help you handle the needs of your business. As soon as your website pops out as a result for other website, the results will just be practically wasted due to the fact that all these visitors will not convert to real sales. So, it is the local customers that you need and this new trend will be of help to you by capitalizing and build better clientele.

In case you are a small business, it is advisable to go for local SEO instead of multinationals. The reason is that it will surely boost the popularity of your business, fetch you good customer reviews and free feedback and as well help the new customers to locate you without any stress. Initially, when you start local SEO, your major focus must be on how to use keywords less which is no longer en vogue now that long-tail keywords in the industry. Without any stress, the keywords could be ranked for and begin to generate traffic without any effort. As soon as you are able to perfect this, you can concentrate on the keywords that are too lucrative and very difficult to rank because this will consume much effort and time but the outcome and patient involve is rewarding as it leads to leads and sales

If you want local SEO to work the way you want, then your website must be well optimized to the hilt so that Google will be able to understand your location, the nature and degree of services you provide. To ensure visibility, the local component of your business which is in the locality or city must be either in the domain or website title name or content or better still in all of them.  

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Tips on Google Maps Search

With the release of Google maps, mapping and routing tool via the website of Google maps, Google has maintained its unprecedented conquering of everything on the internet. Also, Google maps is the default GPS system for the new set of Android phone thereby make it more attractive, easy and become alternative to the old version of GPS device.

The initial step in this process is Google Earth, providing satellite earth imagery and letting you see and pinpoint certain addresses and locations. Meanwhile, Google maps have taking the technology to another new height. In order to make the effective use of the technology of Google maps, you need to have full understanding of how it works, the requirement to facilitate expected results when looking for a location.

Have it in mind that you need no full address of the place you are mapping for. In most cases, just enter the city and very close landmark will help you locate it for you. Making use of suitable keywords and maintaining it in a simple manner is very essential. If you are in search of ‘water damage company in Atlanta’, Google maps will give you cross reference with the standard Google search in order to give you the results. Then, you can refine your search by searching the map. You can also add and improve your business by using google map.

Anytime you are determining the routes of travel, all you need do is just to click on the marker denoting of the place you want to go, then click on ‘Get Directions’. Make your choice between foot, car or public transportation.  

Put into consideration the traffic, if you click on traffic button, you will be shown the traffic densities for a given area that is overlaid on your screen. You can choose the option that let you avoid strong congested location. This is valuable most especially when living in or traveling through busy metropolitan place.

Just click on any marker you want to save and the location will then save in Google maps for your future reference. Also, you may want to set a default location like your business or home. This will be the starting point when you are accessing the programs on Google maps. You have the choice to set Google maps to search for ‘Businesses only’ and “Properties for sale’, or any other parameter which you care to define.


Advantages of Google Maps Marketing

Almost everyone is aware that Google is the most used search engine on the internet and it used nearly 90 percent of the time that someone is using to get information on product and services. As a business owner, if you are not showing up for the searches related to business, then you are missing out on the valuable traffic generator.

Local business always benefits from the Google maps marketing and such benefits include:

–          Showing up for many searches that is related to your business.

–          Boost the click volume for searches that are related to your business

–          Add more reviews to your listing.

The results of Google search do appear in four sections:

–          The pay-per-Click section

–          The organic section

–          The local maps section

–          The carousel

Google shows their SERP according to the types of searches carried out by the users. both  carousel and maps section only show the local searches. The  organic section displays on all search result pages while the Pay-Per-Click show up above the Organic section with plan of Google AdWords.

Anytime a user searches for local business in Google, Google will show the maps section that many people believe that it is the only page based on proximity. The rankings of maps section are based on so many factors and proximity is the only one of them. Google want to ensure that all the listing they listed in the results are perfect. In case they fail to give perfect accurate results, the users will get lost and Google will fail to deliver.

As soon as a company has got their information listed very well on Google and earn a great amount of local citations, they will be rewarded by Google with better results on SERP. Google is in search of information that are consistent on directories and websites which have your business citations on the list. It is imperative to ensure that your business name, phone, address are properly listed. Google wants to ensure that you are giving the users a good user experience. In case your business is not providing the users good experience, Google will not display your listing as often.


Advantages of Choosing the Services of Local SEO

It is indeed a nice idea to choose the service company of local SEO in case someone is looking for the service providers of SEO. Even though, some people believe that they can change to online for help instead of using Yellow Pages to locate local businesses, the advantages of selecting a local SEO service company are unlimited but here are the three major advantages:

–          One-on-one meetings and discussions

Are not sure about the transaction in network? Are you bothered about doing business with the strangers or with the invisible people? Selecting a local SEO service company will enable you to get rid of these issues. You can link up with the professional SEO anytime, discuss with them one-on-one and have a meeting concerning the website optimization strategy. You cannot do these through internet.

–          Perfect understanding of the Market Around You

The service providers of local SEO company will understand the market around your business and can research the present market situation, analyze the strategies competitors and then make adjustment on your optimization strategies as well. If you prefer to go for professionals as option in a distant location, then they have no opportunity to do these things.

–          Fulfillment of Particular Needs

No matter the kind of your need, just make it known to the professional of search engine optimization. In case you want to modify your plan, it is much easier to have some discussions with the local professionals because they are in the best position to let you know whether your modification is feasible or not feasible.

It is much easier and safer to carry out business with the local SEO companies. Assuming you have a company in Australia, why are you worrying about choosing SEO companies in another place or location.

You have a lot of things to benefit from hiring a local SEO professional for your company visibility. Without the help of local SEO professional, it will be very difficult to be successful on the internet business because when you are not visible, to draw traffic, convert sales and make profit will be very difficult.


Optimization of Google Maps and Importance

Google has introduced Google Maps tool in 2004 but just of recent, the name of the service was changed to Google+ Local. Meanwhile, many business owners still name it Google maps. This is a local search application and the optimization locally was developed in order for the business owners to make the best advantage of the application for business increase. In Google maps, the competition of getting high rank is on the great increase. On regular basis, Google always modifies its algorithm of search engine and this has made it hard for the business owners to develop effective marketing on search. Meanwhile, certain tips and tricks can be used so as to have the best results.


For your products and services on review websites and business directories, citations are always mentioned. You need to build citations prior the time you claim to be verified by Google maps. The word ‘citations’ are just like word of the mouth promotion online. The reason is that the more quality referrals you get the more the chance for you to have good ranking.

Fill All Your Details

Ensure that you fill all necessary details provided by Google maps as this enhance Google maps optimization.


Businesses spend hours without any good results if they refuse to give geographical location in their information. Therefore, ensure you do not use inaccurate locations. Local searches work best if you give the right location of your business. For instance, if you have a shop in California State, make sure you do not use geo-location of any other state.

Cross Promotion

Make sure you use successful promotions of organic site on Google maps listing. Then promote important activities, build product and discount offers.

Online Reviews

All the time your company name is being mentioned in the third party review website, Google maps listing of your business is being boosted. Then, Google will index all the online reviews and collect them for listing.

Negative Reviews

Generally speaking, our company or business is being defended anytime there is a negative review concerning ourselves. Meanwhile, wisdom is profitable to treat a negative review as a customer complaint that was made personally. The reputation of your business must be protected if you suitably respond to negative customer reviews.


Apply Local SEO to National Reach

Local SEO could help you reach out nationally if you are struggling to widen your local footprint online. This SEO entails improvement of your local footprint by just pumping up your information on various community and local websites. However, if you have enough of local listings, you can easily begin displaying on some national and regional searches also. Few local SEO strategies which you can use for this purpose include:

Google Local

This is imperative for anyone doing local SEO for store, restaurant or business. Now that many people are migrating from Yellow Pages to online search, it has now being a nice idea to promote your Google local listing. It is free unlike Yellow Pages listings. Also, the more information you add, then the better. You can even backlink to your website. Just state different kinds of credit cards you accept, a map of your location and constant update of your information in case you move instead of just waiting for new Yellow Pages. If you begin with Google Local, this is to let Google aware that your business is official and that they should add you in their search engine rankings.

Review Websites

The new big fish when it comes to credibility online is the user generated content. This implies review websites are regarded as the ultimate for the local SEO. On the websites such a Yelp, UrbanSpoon, as users, you can leave reviews of their favorite bars and restaurants. Yelp will provide mechanics, doctors and dentists reviews. In case someone leaves you bad review, ensure you do not fight such person or get into argument or drop the hammer on them. Rather, respond politely and address the problem. Let them know that you are ready to fix any problem and provide something better in exchange. By so doing, it will help your local SEO and possibly win back any customer that is not satisfied. It will also help the others to see that you are so concerned about your customers.

Social Networks Based on Your Location

A lot of users are being gained by websites such as Gowalla and Foursquare. It assists the local SEO because they generate traffic locally but great thanks to backlinks from the websites because backlinks are one of the life features of local SEO and national SEO. Therefore, the more you create, the better.


Local SEO or Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is always in the thought of many people nowadays. The reason is that it is the newest online marketing buzz word. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others are just some of the various channels you can use to market your services and products but the question is, do they really work? Are they the right strategies that suit your company or business?

Now, how many of your customers are using social media websites for anything other than just chatting with friends? SEO enhances people to look online for your business. If you did it properly, surely you will be visible but otherwise, you will not be found. You could even be frustrated and try another avenue. Local SEO is the one in charge of making your business visible to the local people that are looking for your services and products and not the name of your business because they might not know whether you are in existence. For instance, Bob Bolt and Sons sells beds but you are in search of nuts and bolts and you discover his website. Do you think that search is suitable for you? I do not think so.

Majority of the businesses are being instructed to make use of these social websites but the question is, are they the best thing for you and your business? They could be part of your marketing later in future but you have you ever done as much as you can in order to capture potential customers that are not on the social websites? Will you now end up in spending time on social working with these customers instead of building your business?

For example, have you got your business ranked on the Google first page? Are you maintaining it without paying a dime for directory services? Also, have you got your website optimized now? Have you ever generated traffic to your website and also is your website doing exactly what you need to do? The reason is that if your website is not performing base on your expectation, then, it could be in danger of jumping from frying pan to fire by just climbing on the band wagon of social media marketing.


Promote Your Local Business Through Local SEO Services

Some months ago, I have been struggling to get my business in Denver, Colorado on the current pages of Google Places, Bing and yahoo Local. Finally, I discovered the best solution to all my hardship in the name of local SEO. I came across a professional SEO company offering local SEO services. After consulting him about my business and the problem of my visibility, the team gave me an SEO package which included varieties of strategies purposely designed to enable my website search engine page ranking and also generate more traffic and sales. Here is how the strategies worked in order to promote my business:

Local Listing Websites

Local SEO will make use of the local listing website such as Yahoo, Bing, yellow Pages, Google, etc that concentrated on the local targeted terms in order to get your local search results optimizing. With the enhancement of my online visibility, I discovered that more local customers have began to visit my website which is perfectly working for my product promotion. My Local SEO service provider was more careful to select the only local listing websites that is endorsed by Google for the promotion of the small business.


Local SEO services include the building of inbound links to the website of a business. If you want to keep with the latest Penguin update in Google, my SEO service provider was very careful in building backlinks to my site from trustworthy websites that their content is relevant to my business. I discovered that the relevancy was very important dues to the fact that the search engines was able to detect the keywords base on the backlinks. Also the speed at which the backlinks are set up is very essential. The backlinks was built slowly and systematically by the SEO team.

Promotion of Social Media

Effective social media optimization strategies was used by my service provider to draw the attention of my audience to my website and help to build my business profile on the popular social networking websites such as Twitter, Google+, facebook and many others. They created posts in them as this enable the drawing of the local customers to my website posts were spread through ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ buttons. As the search engines most especially Google display search results from the social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more, the profiles will help to drive more traffic to my website. My business is also promoted by my SEO team as they created videos and pictures of my business and share them through Pinterest and YouTube.


Google Maps Optimize your Local Business Website

In case you did not have your free Google local business listing till now, what are you waiting for? It is a free advert and known as the easy way to get you ranked on the Google first page. The more information you offer, the more impressions you may likely get that could hence facilitate more business. Here are few essential tips for your success:

Assuming we all have a company name but if you have more than a location, ensure that you differentiate them distinctly. For instance, “Austin Local SEO Company” and “Local SEO Company San Antonio”. It is ideal to put the town in the title and nothing more as this may be view as trying to manipulating your ranking. As regard the description section, it is your opportunity to total up the company into 200 characters including spaces. This is time consuming for this section to load with the right keywords for your company.

The section of the category is the most crucial factor and it is very important for you to be very careful in your selection. You can add up to 5 at most. Even though if you put yourself into consideration that you only have a category, you need to have second thought that the more category, the better. This particular link is very good for the full Google list of categories and synonyms. Also it is an informative reference for more detail section. In case you have a UK listing, then you may discover that you are not able to see suitable category. If you add a personal one, it could be advantageous because you could be the one that will be ranked for such term.

You then have the choice to state your opening hours as well as payment methods.

Ensure you upload the images that are relevant to your company and this could be in addition to your premises pictures, logo of the company and the membership logos. The video section also is very important because it will allow you to upload any videos which your company could display on youtube. Additional detail section will give you the chance to add more information concerning the company. As soon as all these are put in place, then your listing is almost completed. Make sure you put additional information and get your listing updated with any further changes in your info.